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Planned Maintenance 101

Got Stink?

Your New Truck / Used Truck parked or running the Planned Maintenance schedule is the “Basics” needed to start protecting your business investment.

In this first of what will become many posts related to the PM (Preventive or Planned Maintenance) posts we will take a look at the “Basic” Planned Maintenance currently provided by Volvo for the D11, D13 & D16 Engines and related chassis.

The Basics – VNM, VNL, VNX, VHD and VAH 2011 and Newer:

  • Engine Oil: Heavy haul 25K Miles 625 hours / Regional Haul 35K Miles 1000 hours / Long Haul 45K Miles 1,300 hours – “CHECK” Your Idle time!! “IF” Greater than 30% You have to use the next lower drain interval…..
  • Oil Sample: With “EVERY” Oil Change. Inexpensive “Look” inside your engine for the wear and tear taking place. I will cover this as a separate topic at another time
  • Chassis lube: Every 15K Miles – Doesn’t get any easier….. 
  • Visual Electrical Inspection: At least every six months! You have an advance piece of machinery in your possession, regular inspection of the harnesses, connectors and electrical system will go a long ways to helping you get from point B to point B
  • The OEM Check22: Some things really are “Free” Ask your service adviser to add the no-charge OEM Volvo CHK22 inspection to your next repair order.

Follow these few simple PM Items and we will see you at 12months or 150K for the next round of to-do’s….

Below is the OEM PDF with a summary of the suggested planned maintenance

Download the OEM Provided Volvo PDF: service_at_a_glance_poster_volvo_online-high-res


D11, D13, D16 Engines



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