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School Bus Maintenance

Got Stink?

I have spent the better of the last 16 years supplying various services, products or direct control of the maintenance for some of Arizona’s southern school districts.

Recent article in the Arizona Republic focused on school bus safety and the 29% DPS Inspection failure rate, with some as high as 88% or even 100% for the smaller districts. I have placed a link to the webpage below.

AZCentral Article

My take on it is this:

Daily Inspections, Pre Trip and Post Trip should be completed by the Driver of the Bus. Failure to comply should result in a ticket to the driver and points on their CDL just as a truck driver would incur.

Standardized fleet maintenance programs should be implemented with electronic monitoring. Plan should be OEM and application specific. At the time of service an full inspection all discrepancies should be corrected prior to being placed back in service. Failure to do so should result in additional repercussions to the district.





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