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The Healthy Trucker

Got Stink?

Sleep Apnea and your CPAP

Sleep Apnea is the latest burden on those of you with a CDL. Answer a question wrong at work or during your annual physical and your left sleeping with a CPAP mask and a permanent mark on your medical record.

I have added a link below to some recent research on the topic and how you may be able to do away with the CPAP.

Let me know if it works, or you have found another option.

“Click Here for more information”

52-page manual

A 52-page manual that includes a description of each exercise; illustrations to show you how to do each exercise; an explanation of what each exercise does for your body.

The manual includes these sections:

  • Causes of sleep apnea;
  • Relationship between sleep apnea and snoring
  • Scientific studies backing up sleep apnea exercises
  • How to test your sleep apnea at home
  • Daily tasks to keep your sleep apnea at a low level
  • Names and website addresses of speech language pathologists in the U.S. and U.K. who specialize in sleep apnea, and have agreed to list their contact details in my manual.
  • Names and contact details for obstructive sleep apnea support groups
  • MP3 (audio) recordings of the exercises that you can download and listen to on your iPod, iPhone, or MP3 device. (This is especially useful for the exercises that you’ll want to do in front of the mirror)
  • Access to an online Members’ Area, where you’ll be able to download the manual, watch the videos, and get the bonuses!

Already have a CPAP? I have listed several options below for the purchase or upkeep of your CPAP Device and related including the SoClean 2 Go for travel options.

The first travel size CPAP machine cleaner!

Healthy Exercise and Strength Training While on the Road?

I see anywhere from two to four hundred drivers/customers a month, one thing 99% of them have in common is they are either very large (Eat well or often referred to as a man of my stature) or very small, weak, malnourished with little or no muscle.

With this observation it got me thinking about how does one stay healthy or healthier while on the road? This can’t be any better or worse than a desk job, or so I think….

Quick search on the net found some great information.

Losing Weight as a Truck Driver at

Men’s Health Truck Driver related article

Save an Extra $10 at

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