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Customer Service or Lost Sales.. It’s Your Choice……………

Got Stink?

Wow, it seems so easy to be friendly, to want to help people, to understand the problem and what you can do to help them while ringing the cash register at the same time.

Another week has gone by and yet another lesson supplied by the customer, not everyone has the skills, the training, the inner belief or desire to support a business correctly and give the customer what they really need, what they desire to not only say yes to what we are selling, but to tell their friends and return as a loyal customer for may years to come.

Myself? I consider customer service priority one. I have spent the last 16 years studying customer service and putting the lessons to work on a daily basis. It has made me a better person, a better salesman and has certainly helped my customers while increasing my sales. As a salesman, I routinely did 1.5m a year in sales, as I changed occupations I brought many of my customers with me for other products and services as I had the relationship and had proven myself as I supported the product.

This week, I was on the edge of losing a customer. They had been treated badly, rude and according to the customer very matter of fact, “we just did not care”. If we don’t care, why should the customer?

It’s time to take a step back, evaluate the process and people in place. Review the training and direction as well as take the steps to make change happen over night.

For the customer, luckily I have a good relationship and took the necessary steps to mend this problem very quickly. For the customer service rep.? Time to take that service attitude to my competition.




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