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Customer Service or Lost Sales.. It’s Your Choice……………

November 1, 2016

Wow, it seems so easy to be friendly, to want to help people, to understand the problem and what you can do to help them while ringing the cash register at the same time. Another week has gone by and yet another lesson supplied by the customer, not everyone has the skills, the training, the… Read More ›

The Healthy Trucker

Sleep Apnea and your CPAP Sleep Apnea is the latest burden on those of you with a CDL. Answer a question wrong at work or during your annual physical and your left sleeping with a CPAP mask and a permanent mark on your medical record. I have added a link below to some recent research… Read More ›

Hey! It’s Your Truck Odor – Eliminate it!

Good for any vehicle interior. Compact, Full Size, or SUV. Eliminates severe odors*, guaranteed. Not a masking agent. Because Auto Shocker works like a fumigation bomb and will effectively reach places that other products just can’t get to and safely eliminate the odors. It literally seeks out the odor causing molecules like a smart bomb. The ClO2 vapors will permeate the headliner, visors, seat cushions, glove compartment, carpet, floor mats and all nooks and crannies where odors get trapped. It will even clear out your HV/AC unit from mildew musty stale odors!

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