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Prior to even having my Han Radio license KI7OFL, I was in the garage tinkering with antenna’s.  In the attic I have a home built 6meter dipole, 2meter Jpole, built a 2meter antenna out of some left over brake tube from my 27 Model T project and assisted KI7LLD in the build of his first antenna. KI7LLD is sitting above Tucson at a nice 3558′, can hit the local EAARS Repeater with ease and has logged a 30 Mile simplex contact on 2-meter on 146.520 – give him a call if you are in the Tucson/Vail area.


Couple of J-Pole links or PDF’s for the build.


Super J-Pole


20′ pole

17′ 6meter Jpole

ATAS 120A forthe Yaesu 857D

Back yard testing #BYOTA for next #SOTA HIKE

JPOLE below -100 mile simplex contact off a small Peak south of Tucson.

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