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Mobile Ham Radio – Ford F150 Install

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Somewhat of a challenge, Installed the TYT TH-9800 Plus in my 2014 Ford F150 XLT.

My interest in Ham is more mobile than transmitting from the shack, the truck is a perfect addition to support the hobby. (I had the radio and desire prior to the truck purchase).

The TYT 9800 is a nice radio, power is 50 watts, removable face plate for remote mounting, quad freq. and can dual monitor. For a little over $200 this radio was a bargain.


My first install was like this:


Updated to this:



Comet 2meter/70cm antenna works really well. Being black you hardly notice it installed and it can be removed and stored easily if needed.


TYT Is mounted to the passenger side kick panel as the power and antenna feed come in just above it. Face plate was removed and I keep moving it around the drivers seat area as I seek out the ideal location.


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