New Ham KI7OFL with my 2-Cents on Becomming a Ham and enjoying the Hobby

My testing of the local EAAR’s Network

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My initial new interest  in Ham was a result of my brother and son having headed out for week long ELK hunt in Northern Arizona. You can imagine the weather would not be the best, and the cell phone reception would be even worse. The discussion would become how to communicate without the cell phone, and the drive to get a Ham radio license was the focus. In Tucson AZ. we have the local EAAR’s Network, I am currently testing an inexpensive handheld, my mobile radio install, a quality yaesu and kenwood while tracking the other Ham’s who test their connection to the EAARS Network. My goal is to understand the limits of the connection throughout the network to assist the family during the remote hunting or back country expeditions.

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